"Venus in Blue Jeans"

This is a fictional fantasy musical based on the music of Jimmy Clanton (Just a Dream, Venus in Blue Jeans). A young man takes a vacation to New Orleans. A statue of Venus comes to life and helps him to come of age. This will be of a “Mama Mia” type styling.

"Lou Rawls"

This is a biography, and the script has not been written yet. Producer Wanda Carraway retains the rights, and is moving forward with the completion of the story line. 2010.

"Daddy's Little Girl"

A father’s wonderful daughter is killed in a tragic auto accident. He attempts to cope with the loss by cloning her eggs and tries to raise daughter number two as a replacement of daughter number one to conflicted results. The location is scenic Homer Alaska.

"Northern Lights"

(Screen-writer Michael Grey (China Syndrome, Star man, Star Trek Next Generation)) The story is loosely inspired by recently convicted US Senator Ted Stevens’ 1996 re-election campaign in Alaska, and will be filmed in Alaska.

"The Little Lame Prince"

A young prince is dropped at his christening, and grows up lame. His parents die leaving him in the care of his uncle, who banishes him to a far away tower. His fairy godmother mentors him as they travel around the world on a magic carpet. His maturing growth allows him to triumphantly return to the kingdom that is rightfully his, and save it from the disastrous rule his uncle had held.